Our service center offers cooperation to individuals and legal entities interested in professional repairs of the following computer technology:

  • laptops;
  • personal computers;
  • tablets;
  • smart phones;
  • all Apple productions (iPhone, iPad, MacBook, etc.);

If your company maintains and uses the above-mentioned technology that requires quality and professional repair in Prague, this offer may be interesting for you. For the management of companies we offer both comprehensive maintenance technology (contract) and one-time repairs. In case of unusable or unprofitable units of technology, we provide technical confirmation of depreciation of technology, also depreciation from the company’s balance sheet.

The main content of the cooperation offer

The main scope of our cooperation offer is to carry out repairs of any complexity for the above mentioned devices. In doing so, their number is not limited or precisely determined. We can also transport the equipment from their place of receipt or your office, after completion of service work to bring it back.

We have everything we need to perform quality repair work of any difficulty:

  • the workshop of our service center is equipped with high-quality equipment for repair and diagnostics;
  • our service center is built primarily on a team of professional engineers;
  • extensive customer experience;

What you will appreciate for working with our service center

We offer attractive conditions for you:

  • diagnostics of various degrees free of charge;
  • the repair shall be carried out only after obtaining approval of its price;
  • we pick up your equipment and put it back in place after repairs have been completed;
  • we constantly check and monitor changes in market prices and keep to the minimum;
  • 7 months warranty on repair work and components;
  • short repair time;

We are interested in constant and long-term cooperation to ensure a stable flow of customers. We pay a lot of attention to the growing number of regular customers and focus on gaining its trust especially through the quality of service. For this reason, we are more interested in the stability of partnerships than in the amount of profit.

Do you have a question?

If you have any questions or are interested in cooperation with our company, do not hesitate to contact us.

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